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“It was really a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for making the meetings run so efficiently. It doesn’t show when it is all smooth, but when there are hiccups, it can really disrupt a meeting and I have noticed that you are so efficient about taking care of everything and anticipating needs, that it is smooth. Thank you so much!!”
Michelle, R&D Team


"We had a blast working with you."
Lissette, Marketing Team


"These guys are great, so much fun to be around and everyone loves them!"
Jim, Pennsylvania, PA


"Not only did they produce a great show, my clients could not thank me enough for hiring them!"
Bob, New Delhi India

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"A perfect combination of professionalism, creative development, and execution for a great meeting!"
Laurie, Meeting Manager


"Perfect last week! Thank you."


"Always a pleasure to work with: looking forward to teaming up with Circle Two often!”
Kevin, Eventivity


"We appreciate your 'roll with it' attitude and for being our partner behind the scenes."
Kari, Marketing Department


"These guys get it! They make everyone feel comfortable and you know they are here to make the meeting a success."
Linda, Project Manager, NJ